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What is SnapFleek?

Spy Feature/SnapChat Leak Feature

With SnapFleek Spy Feature you are able to Spy on any user's incoming and outgoing snaps! The user will not know that you are spying on his/her activities. If you want to keep an eye on the activities of people on snapchat, then the snapchat leaks feature will help you. They'll never even know. Who knows what you'll find...maybe even some snapchat nudes...

Secret Save

Save snaps to your photos secretly!You can save the snaps to your photographs clandestinely without informing others. With the help of this feature, you can block the notifications of the screenshot and save the photos in secret. The snapchat Spy will help you to obtain the leaks of pictures that you have taken to keep them secure on your device, whether those pictures be normal snaps or Snapchat nudes. The data obtained from the SnapChat leak system will be secured on your phone. Also you are able to obtain SnapChat Leaks of pictures that have already been taken to save on your device using our SnapChat Leak System. This will come in handy to anyone try to obtain snapchat nudes from a certain user.

Camera Roll

Want to add an old Picture from your Photos or Video to your Story? With this Feature, you can upload pictures that have already been taken to your SnapChat! Pictures can be taken from Camera Roll or any other album and can be instantly uploaded to your SnapChat Story and increase your SnapChat Score! This feature helps you to browse the gallery of your phone and access the photographs you have already taken on the SnapChat. It is easy to access the camera roll or any other album because you can instantly upload your SnapChat story to increase your SnapChat score.

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